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American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries (ABHCM) is an association founded in 1930 to strengthen relationships and promote a standard of excellence for faith-based health and human service ministries. Our 130 members serve seniors, children, families and individuals with special needs across the U.S.

ABHCM members share American Baptist roots, a long tradition of faith that advocates for justice and compassionate care. Our communities are marked by love and a vision of the ‘beloved community’ described by the American Baptist pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The kind of community King spoke of is created as our members feed the hungry, free the disabled from society’s low expectations, build strong families and provide homes for older adults.

This beloved community calls for a different kind of leadership that cares for both physical and mental needs and focuses on the spiritual health of communities, in addition to the bottom line. ABHCM connects and nourishes these leaders, providing opportunities to develop relationships and share resources.

Together we are creating communities and transforming lives.​

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