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More Than Just a Roof

A safe, secure and affordable home is something many of us take for granted. But for seniors living on a limited income, home is sometimes not a shelter at all but a burden that’s hard to find and harder still to keep.

Today, ABHOW’s 26 affordable housing communities are home to more than 2,000 seniors. For our residents, these homes are so much more than just a roof over their head. These vibrant communities, located in some of the most pristine locations on the West Coast, are places of sanctuary, comfort and security. Stylish settings, engaging activities, easy access to transportation and the latest amenities give our residents quality of life and a standard of living that many never thought they would have.

Within the larger mission of ABHCM, ABHOW Affordable Housing helps nourish the spirits of our residents by relieving them from some of the worries of aging. Having a wonderful place to call home means not having to choose between paying rent or buying medicine. And that frees them up to do the things they enjoy.

Along with ABHOW, dozens of other ABHCM agencies and communities meet the same needs every day by providing housing not just for older adults, but for those with a broad array of challenges, from developmental disabilities to unstable family situations. But in all these circumstances, it’s the enrichment of the spirit that lies at the core of what we do.

Peace and blessings,

Ancel Romero
Senior Vice President for Affordable Housing, ABHOW
ABHCM Board Member/Treasurer

For more information on ABHOW Affordable Housing, visit us at

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