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The Spirit of Incarnation

The annual explosion of color, light and music heralds the Christmas season’s arrival along our streets, in shopping malls and in our homes. As the days are shorter and occasionally bleak, we all appreciate the warm glow these traditions bring. But as people of faith, we remember the “reason for the season” — to celebrate God’s son arriving among humans in the form of Jesus Christ.

That moment of incarnation is integral to the life Jesus would later lead, during which he called humanity to worship God within their midst rather than apart from their lives. Through his presence among us, he gave us a very personal demonstration of the good we were all capable of. In short, he led us by example, calling us to be the people God meant us to be.

The true miracle of Christ’s incarnation is that his spirit remains with us. That ongoing presence is reflected in the good performed by the members of ABHCM serving their communities every day. Their work on behalf of clients and residents is living proof that the incarnation we celebrate each Christmas wasn’t just a moment in the past – it’s a continuing gift that calls us to serve others in immeasurable ways.

Thank you to all the members of ABHCM who live the spirit of incarnation every day and remind us throughout the year that Christ is still with us.

May this Christmas season be a blessing to you all.


Rev. Garth Brokaw

ABHCM Board President

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