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A Tradition of Serving Older Adults

A Tradition of Serving Older Adults
© Ammentorp Lund

When the organizations that would eventually become ABHCM were founded, the concept of senior living still hewed to the notion of the “homes for the aged.”

With the 1930s came federal programs designed to provide reliable health care to older adults and prevent them from experiencing poverty and homelessness. As a result, the work of ABHCM’s services changed, too.

Over the years, those “homes for the aged” evolved. Some grew into retirement communities that offer a full spectrum of care, from residential living and assisted living to health care and support for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Meanwhile, our members haven’t lost focus on older adults with lower incomes. By teaming with local, state and federal housing agencies, they are able to offer those people safe, comfortable and fulfilling lives in one of their many affordable housing communities.

As baby boomers have entered retirement, our senior living members are poised to change yet again. They’re broadening the programs they offer, expanding dining options and tailoring care for a new, vibrant, more demanding — and in some ways, more.

Despite changes over the years, ABHCM continues to focus on the physical, mental and spiritual needs of financially challenged individuals across the spectrum of senior living. Your continued successes as members will allow us to 

do so into the future.

Peace and blessings,
The Rev. Garth Brokaw
ABHCM President of the Board

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