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A Commitment to Community

A Commitment to Community

American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries is committed to community on multiple levels. We realize that the creation of community calls for a kind of leadership that cares for both the physical and spiritual needs of those served and focuses on the health of the communities.

As summer approaches, ABHCM members are ready to reach out to support these needs. A number of our members offer programs not only for their constituents, but for the wider area.

For example, Kodiak Baptist Mission of Alaska is offering an Island Summer Adventures program that provides a safe environment where kids can enjoy activities such as kayaking, hiking and pottery.

Springbrook, a partner serving nearly 700 people with developmental disabilities from across New York and beyond, hosts a Therapeutic Horse Program for interested participants.

BCS Yes!, an organization that offers quality residential care and educational support to youth, located in Valley Forge, Pa., is hosting a summer recreation fundraiser with a goal of raising $2,000 to support activities for at-risk youth within the program.

Through Kodiak Baptist Mission, Springbrook and other ABHCM members, we are able to reach out the services of our members to a larger population, honoring the mission to expand ABHCM’s long-standing commitment to the “beloved community” as described by the American Baptist pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Peace and blessings,
Bill Painter
ABHCM Board President

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