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The Stability of Change

The Stability of Change

Change is a constant. The transition from spring to summer is a testament to that truth.

American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries recently made a transition of its own by appointing four new board members. This month, we highlight two members who have joined us.

Timothy Snowden is the deputy director of community-based family services at One Hope United, a national federation of agencies that provide support for children and families through services and programs such as foster care, counseling and development centers. Before entering this role, Snowden spent 11 years as a senior vice president at One Hope United. While serving on the ABHCM board, he hopes to use his experience as an opportunity to give back.

Betty Martin is the executive director of Murrow Indian Children’s Home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, which provides a nurturing home for Native American children in need. She previously worked with Warner Public Schools, where she developed and directed a mentoring program to aid elementary school students.

These leaders understand and share in our desire to serve others. Together, we can continue to build a community rooted in faith and love, where excellence is the standard.

Peace and blessings,
Bill Painter
ABHCM Board President

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