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Lifting Others Up

Lifting Others Up

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 18.5 percent of all adults in the U.S. experience mental illness each year. As our understanding of this challenge grows, it’s more vital than ever for faith-based organizations to continue and strengthen their commitment to healing.

From starting open conversations through support groups to offering quality psychiatric care, members of American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries are setting the bar for excellence in mental health services.

The Senior Options for Independence program at Fairport Baptist Homes, an organization that provides living options and supportive services to seniors and others in Fairport, New York, helps connect individuals to the services and care they need to remain independent. Encouraging good mental health is an important part of those services.

Heidi George serves as the program’s community care manager and mental health coordinator, conducting mental health assessments and leading support groups. By addressing topics like aging, change and loss, the support groups create a community of understanding for seniors who may otherwise experience feelings of isolation.

Anchorage, Alaska-based AK Child and Family offers a variety of services, including residential care, therapeutic foster care and home-based services, to children and families in need of mental health and behavioral assistance. In its 125th year, AK Child and Family helps youth overcome mental health challenges, forge paths of self-discovery, and build healthy futures.

Thanks to ABHCM members like Fairport Baptist Homes and AK Child and Family, the lives of others are a little brighter. The communities of support they create are the very embodiment of the ABHCM mission.

Peace and blessings,
Bill Painter
ABHCM Board President

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