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Partnerships Make Us Stronger

Partnerships Make Us Stronger
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For more than 80 years, members of American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries have shared a common mission rooted firmly in a tradition of faith-based compassionate care and advocacy for justice.

The common values that connect us are every bit as vital today as they were when our organization was forged in 1930. Yet, while remaining true to our beliefs and mission, we’ve adapted to the changing needs of our communities and those we serve. Our members continue to expand and adjust the services they provide as we uphold our commitments and strengthen our communities.

Our ABHCM member ministries now are forging new relationships with one another to ensure that they’re each able to embrace their individual missions and sustain the critical services they provide. Our shared values are leading us to find new ways to work together in partnerships to achieve higher levels of service for our communities and stewardship of our resources.

In recent months, we’ve seen such partnerships develop among member ministries facing shared challenges as they look to the future.

PierceCare, which provides senior housing and care in northeast Connecticut, agreed to affiliate with Connecticut Baptist Homes to sustain its work as a faith-based nonprofit provider rather than see a disruptive shift in ownership to a for-profit management firm. The two organizations, both ABHCM members, have been able to achieve greater efficiencies in their services and operations as a result.

Also significant is the affiliation recently forged between American Baptist Homes of the West and, resulting in the largest nonprofit senior living provider in California and the sixth-largest nationally. Leaders of both providers say the combined organization will have greater strength, stability, scale and resources to better meet the changing needs of a growing senior living market.

These are just a few examples of partnerships that ABHCM and our member ministries are forming to ensure a bright future for our organizations and those we serve. For several years ABHCM has established a working relationship with the Mennonite Health Services. Most recently that relationship has resulted in an agreement with the organization to make its board and CEO evaluation tools available to our members. We are now in conversations with Presbyterian Homes for the Aged about how our two organizations might work together to provide even more services for members.

We must look to approaches that allow us to do more with less and to find like-minded partners with whom we can achieve mutual benefit and support.

We owe it to the children, seniors, families and individuals with disabilities who we serve.

Peace and blessings,

Bill Painter
ABHCM Board President

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