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Recognizing The Good

Recognizing The Good

During an intense political season, the volume of negativity we encounter — from name calling to extreme polarization — reaches a fever pitch.

It’s a fantastic time to acknowledge and appreciate the work of our members that are, without debate, distinctly good. American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries members continue to provide care to the older adults, children, families and differently abled adults in their charge.

We are grateful for the grace and compassion of members like One Hope United in Chicago. One Hope’s team of over 800 talented professionals serves thousands of children and families each year in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and Florida, making it its mission to provide safe, loving environments for children.

Members like Crest Services respect and promote independent living while meeting individual’s unique needs. Crest’s caretakers in six locations across Iowa and Minnesota have served children and adults with mental or developmental disabilities and brain injuries since 1974.

Communities like Shepherd’s Garden in Lynnwood, Washington, provide independence and quality care for older adults, ensuring that more seniors live rich, fulfilling lives.

These are just a few examples of how our partners and team members’ commitment, faith and compassion provide security, hope and basic life needs. While some political leaders accuse, deny and sometimes distort realities, our members give life to the mission and ministry of their organizations.

ABHCM leaders set an example for our society to aspire to and learn from. Thank-you for making a real difference in the world.

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