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A Special Kind of Leadership

A Special Kind of Leadership
As we now look to newly elected leaders to work within communities across the country, perhaps they’d be wise to look at ABHCM members as shining examples of organizations that exhibit a special type of leadership — a leadership that cares for both physical and mental needs, while also focusing on the spiritual health of communities.
One great example from an ABHCM member is the Beacon Community of Allen Temple Manor Housing, located in Oakland, California.
In partnership with a local ministry, the Allen Temple Baptist Church, Allen Temple Manor Housing fills a critical need in the community for affordable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS and individuals with disabilities. The organization is one of the country’s first federally funded HIV housing communities, providing affirmation and hospitality for individuals who live with a disease that unfortunately still carries great stigma.
Amid the beautiful Verde Valley in Arizona, ABHCM member Rainbow Acres provides for its community by helping adults with disabilities lead more vibrant lives. Rainbow Acres was created by a pastor who envisioned a place where adults with developmental disabilities could lead lives guided by meaning, purpose, dignity and spiritual strength. The organization achieves its mission through innovative and empowering programming, like a vocational program that employs residents both on and off its campus.
I have only cited a few among dozens of members who fill a critical role in their communities to serve populations with some of the greatest needs, and in fulfilling ways that are aligned with the mission of ABHCM: create community; transform lives.
Our elected leaders would be wise to take a page from their book.

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