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The Miracle of Love

The Miracle of Love
Poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote that a constant miracle is bestowed on those who spread love: "The more they give, the more they possess."
In this regard, American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries members possess a wealth of love.
ABHCM is rooted in the American Baptist tradition of compassionate care. Every day, our members nurture communities of love for seniors, children, families and individuals with special needs across the U.S.
Many members, such as Bradford Ecumenical Home, serve across denominations to transform lives. Out in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Bradford, Pennsylvania, dedicated team members provide a loving home for seniors, helping older adults meet their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.
AHBCM member Springbrook in Oneonta, New York, provides lifelong support to people of all ages with developmental disabilities. Springbrook’s team members exemplify God’s love as they free those with special needs from society’s expectations. Their work transforms dependence into independence, creating community and changing lives.
It is our utmost commitment and honor to represent members who, day in and day out, represent kindness and the miracle of love. This month, we encourage you to rest in the healing presence of God’s love.
Peace and blessings,
Bill Painter
ABHCM Board President

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